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I’m happy sharing came to me as an idea when I began to feel that my world became fragmented and that I therefore sub optimized my strength and energy. My attention span was short.

In 2009 a book I’d written was published by a major publishing company. The book was called Växla ner, “Downshifting”, which was – tada! – about downshifting and how to be able to live better on less. It was close to my philosophy of life.

The book was translated also into Danish and Norwegian, so on the surface it was a success. However, I still felt that it wasn’t linked to the rest of my life – oddly, since it was a book about me!

The snag was that the book was an idea that originated from ​​the publisher that I tried to adapt myself to. And so it has been a big part of my life – I have adjusted myself. I am a trained biologist and environmental journalist, but has not worked with that – I have adapted to the prevailing labour market. I have a passion for health, transition and organic food, but have always adapted myself after what the family wanted and what existed in the grocery shops.

So my energy was lost … At least almost.

Thanks to conversations with my friends, I realized that I still had something good going on. It was not about shifting down, but switching on. To truly live better on less, to live together and to share. Sharing information, sharing of goods, sharing services, sharing the work. It is our common world.

Since I have always read a lot and work a lot with business intelligence, I thought that it is something I can do: I can share my reading list. But more than that, I can sniff out the coolest things happening and be a guide and connector between you and some really interesting, mind-boggling, and inventive things that are happening out there.

So therefore i’m happy sharing.

A focus on research and evidence

Current events have also made it clear to me that knowledge and research are under attack, and thus I got new energy in this project. So I will focus on research, best practices and journalistic investigations.

Research – since there are a lot of research, but it can be hard to find.

Best practices – so you know who is doing  or thinking what, and can make a contact.

Investigations – well researched articles from the best reporters.

The articles at I’m happy sharing will never be long. But they will always link forward to the original source. That will give you an overview AND the possibility to dig deeper.

But hey, what is this really about?

I’m happy sharing has a holistic way of looking at the world. I believe that everything is connected. Your morning coffee affects farmers in Bolivia. Stress affects how we live that affects our health and how we relate to each other. It is all one.

So in short – I’m happy sharing things that interest me. Maybe it interests you too.


Responsible for this site is me, Karin Lilja. You will find my contact information here:

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i'm happy sharing

How is I’m happy sharing financed?

By my own savings right now. Looking ahead, I have some ideas about how I should be able to finance the project. Do you have ideas, please let me know. Some advertisements will be hard to avoid, I guess.

man in kilt
And why in English? Aren’t you a Swedish writer?

I think that the world had felt a lot better if we shared across national borders. Thus, this magazine in easy English, so that more people can understand it. Initially the subjects will be somewhat Sweden-centric, but bare with me – it will change.

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