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The curious school

A school for the curious child and curious teacher. That is Marudam Farm School at Tiruvannamalai, India.

Curious school

Arun and Poornima Venkataraman started Marudam Farm School eight years ago.

“Marudam (farmland in Tamil) was born out of a need to provide a space for ‘learning by doing’, academics, nature and ‘unstructured time’,” says Venkataraman to The Hindu Business Line.

About 70 children attend the school, and in each class is four to ten children. The school is based on a democratic fundament, and questions are answered together in the group. Teaching follows the interests of children, for example, mathematics can be taught through baking or goat-herding.

“My family warned that my boys would become rowdies with so much freedom, but now this freedom is all I want for them,” says Panjali, cook and a single parent of to sons.

Marudam Farm School is run by The Forest Way.

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