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Ahoy, bindweed and chickweed!

Do you hate weeding? Well, maybe it is time to look at this annoyance in a different light. Weed - friend or foe?

Weeds as soil healers

Very little soil is left bare in nature. Just a few days after a landslip or fire, there is life and tiny plants. But many gardens and fields, treated by humans, are the opposite: plant-free deserts.

In his book Weeds: An Organic, Earth-friendly Guide to their Identification, Use and Control, author John Walker take a stand for the opportunistic plants that we call weeds.

“Weeds act like a kind of living “plaster” whenever soil is exposed, either by natural or artificial causes”, he writes in the book. “As far as nature goes, bare soil is out.”

Weeds make the soil more fertile, he argues, and should be seen as part of a life cycle.

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